Thursday, 16 August 2012

My Inspirational Story ^^

salam ramadan. 

let us find out how a 14 year-old girl enrolls in University of Zimbabwe, (because this is different from us who are 19-year-old students and enrolling in JUST.) :)

Maud Chifamba, who is only 14 years old, will be studying to be an accountant at the University of Zimbabwe in August.

“I have always wanted to be one of those professionals and this is a chance I will grasp with both hands and cherish,” she said. “It’s not everyone who is fortunate enough to have this opportunity.”

Maud credits her success to God, who has helped the young girl thrive in spite of the tough challenges that she has faced. Maud grew up in the Hunters resettlement community near the Midlands mining town of Kwekwe.

Her father died in 2002, when she was only four and her mother died in December last year.

“I grew up in difficult circumstances and I would sometimes study on my own without going to school,” she said.

Maud started her studies in a resettlement primary school in 2003. She impressed her teachers with her abilities and so they moved her up from Grade 3 to Grade 6. She took her Grade 7 examinations in 2007 when she was only nine, scoring top marks for all her subjects. She then skipped the first two years of high school education, studying on her own for her O levels (which is equivalent with our SPM).

University of Zimbabwe vice-chancellor Professor Levi Nyangura said: “There was no financial support for her to undertake her secondary education. Maud read on her own and still managed to pass her O levels in two years.”

Maud’s brother, Gilbert Chifamba said that his sister had succeeded because of her strong discipline. “We thought she would just lose her mind on the way but she stood the taste of time, we hope God will continue to lead her,” said Gilbert.

Maud was able to continue her A-level studies at Sandringham High School in Mhondoro when platinum mining company Zimplats decided to sponsor her studies in 2010. Maud scored 12 points in her A-level exams, allowing her to enter the University of Zimbabwe.

University spokesman Dennis Rwafa said Maud was a “remarkable” young girl. “Her perseverance and her achievements are amazing. Now she will study towards an honours degree in accountancy.

“We felt we needed to protect her and so we brought in the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority,” said Rwafa.

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority has agreed to pay Maud’s fees for her four year accountancy course at the University of Zimbabwe.

amazing huh ?!
to those who are being sponsored educationally, how much works have we really done actually to be compared with her?

indeed, we are all being sponsored by Allah throughout our life. ^^

source : emailed.

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