Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Amal Ahmed ALbaz

" I am a spoken word poet. I write. I speak and I express . " - Amal Albaz

Meet Amal Ahmed Albaz, Muslim Egyptian-Canadian young poet who believes that she must use her passion for speaking and change to achieve her purpose of making the world a better place. Striving to make a difference in the world, she uses her words as a weapon to ignite changes, and her words are loud enough to be heard by all. Listening to her poem inspired many people to make some effort by joining her prepare a world a better place and now I am learning on how to use my own passion to serve the life purpose as Amal Abaz is currently doing. Live, Love, Peace.

Spoken word poetry :
Tick, tock, tick, tock.
Is all I hear comin’ out of my clock,
Tick, tock, tick, tock.
Sharper than a bell, and louder than a knock,
Tick, tock, tick tock.
And it keeps ticking.
It keeps ticking, and tocking,
As we’re currently talking,
And never stops.
I observed oh how it was so concise,
Never skipping a second, it was so precise.
It was like a song like a heart, never going offbeat.
Each tick on the dot, so discrete.
It was this timeless time-telling machine,
That struck me – on the day I turned 16.
I mean, I was still young – at least so they’d say,
But I think I saw the wrinkles trying to make their way.
And so I started to think.
What have I done in the past 16 years alive?
Did I take risks for change, or was I trapped inside my hive?
Did I neglect peace, or for it, did I strive?
And I realized, I did nothing.
16 years of absolutely nothing.
But chilling with my friends, and shopping at the mall.
Time being wasted checking my Facebook wall.
Texting my friends all day and night,
Although they just left my sight.
All the Friday nights that were spent on the phone,
Thought time would last, but it has surely flown.
And then . . . suddenly, a storm of guilt flooded my past,
Afraid that I don’t know how long I have to last.
I mean, we all know that there’s no age for death,
Our first might actually be our last breath.
Then I remembered a saying that the prophet once said,
A saying since I heard, was fixed in my head.
That we’re supposed to take advantage of five, before five.

Our body, and health, before we fall sick,
Our youth before we start walking on a stick.
Our wealth and money before we become broke,
And our free time, before we have no time to even joke.
But most importantly, our life before our death.
So if I have four, or five out of the five, what’s my excuse?
We can’t keep saying one day I’ll make a difference, when I’m like 29,
Right now I’m still young I’ve got tons of time,
‘cause life is like a drop of water in the sea,
It’s like zero compared to infinity,
And who said we even have the guarantee . . .
To live tomorrow?
Time is not just flying, it’s fleeing like crazy,
And here we are so careless, effortless; so lazy.
So let’s make use of it, before it runs out,
‘cause making the world a better place is what our existence is all about.
We are the youth, the leaders of our nation,
So we gotta’ start taking action from now to assure a good destination.
We start and end revolutions as we’ve all seen,
Together united, we’re stronger than Spider Man, and Wolverine.
We’re something else man . . . we’re the youth.
So I make a call to all those like me,
Who want to make a change, but can’t quite find the key.
Who plan so much for tomorrow, and forget they have today,
But problem is . . . if we stick to this mentality, our youth will actually decay.
‘cause the measure of youth is not by how old you are,
Or how fast you can drive a car,
But it’s all in here; in your heart, and how much you can do,
How much you can give, how much you can see through.
So just by being young, you don’t redeem the status of a youth,
It’s given to those who truly deserve it;
And that’s the truth.

- DOME -