Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Salam Domers, wassup? ok so neway, tonight, for my tazkirah, aku nk sentuh sket psal dakwah n also pendosa, ie; all of us, since no one is exempted from sinning, we're all human after all. but neway, aku nk ckp specifically sket psal the more extremes of pendosa, n explain sket a bit of what goes on in their minds bile ade golongan2 pendakwah (basically korang ah an) cube berdakwah dkat dorg. ok so this pretty much sums it up; "budak2 bajet baek, think they know me (when they clearly dont), trying to help me (when i never asked for help), trying to tell me that im wrong n that they're right, who basically just need to shut up n get off their high horses, n leave ppl alone". ok so this is typically what goes on in ppl's head when someone tries to dakwah them (not everyone's head, but generally). ok so personally, if i was to speak to some of my currently-murtad-but-biiznillah-will-come-back-to-islam friends, i'd first explain to them where pendakwah(s) r coming from; say u knew the cure for cancer, n that cure is free, wldn't u want to gv that cure to everyone who has cancer? now say u knew the cure for all the problems in the world? the cure to poverty, hatred, racism, sexism, depression, oppression, sorrow, anxiety, the list goes on...if u knew the cure to those problems, wldn't u want to spread it to everyone else? well that's wat dakwah is all abt.

However, it is also vital for org yg bgi dakwah to understand where sinners r coming from. we cannot hv an attitude or a mindset yg pendosa ni sume cume hidup ikot nafsu semata2. that aint the truth, or at least, not the whole truth neway. we need to understand that there r some ppl who r deeply, horribly broken in this world. whose days r filled w sorrow n whose nights r haunted by regret. they r wounded souls, empty inside. n so they try to fill this emptiness w wtv they can get their hands on. alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, food, money etc. also while im saying this, i think its important to note that there is actually no "we" or "they" here, we are all sinners n we are all pendakwah, n so it is our responsibility to remind one another towards good. but yeah basically thats my point; sin doesnt just happen. addictions dont just happen. ppl dont just wake up from a perfect, stress-free life n say "im gonna go do drugs n sleep around". no. our habits r deeply rooted in the wounds of our soul. n thats where dakwah comes in. thats where islam comes in. bcoz Allah knows this world will break us. He knows we are weak. But He Loves us, the Truest, Most Unconditional Love of all. n so He knows nothing in this world can mend our wounded souls. n nothing in this world can fill up our emptiness. except Him, n by us following His commands. n so if we take this into consideration next time we see a sinner, we actually will never again see a sinner, we will only see sins, being done by ppl who someday might be better Muslims than we are. Ppl who someday might even be Mu'mins or Muhsins.

so let's gv a fairly obvious example. the next time we see a scantily-dressed woman, we all know what to think right? she's dressed that way to get men's attention. ahahah NO. dear fellow male species, xyah ah kite sume nak fikir yg ppuan pkai seksi2 semata2 nk perhatian kite, xyah nk bajet hensem or hotstuff sgt ah hahah, sedar diri sket. tbh, most of the time, those women x fikir pon psal laki when they're getting dressed. they just wanna exercise their right to being an individual n expressing who they are, thru wat they wear. however, this can prove quite ignorant, coz let's face it, wat a woman wears does hv an effect on those around her. xyah nk tgk laki pon, tgk effect kat ppuan laen pon dah ketara. how many scenes dlm movie hollywood that shows a girl at a club, n she isnt looking at men, instead she's scanning all the other women up n down, n making "comments" about how those women r dressed, eventhough she might b just as barely clothed as they are. but neway, not wanting to go into the whole aurat thing, this is just an example. so the next time we see a scantily-clad woman, how abt instead of passing judgements (which is NOT our job in the first place) we make a small dua for her; that she'll be safe n that die dapat hidayah. who knows, she might hv been sexually abused as a child, n so her sense of self worth is highly twisted n disturbed. or she might b a rly good Muslim, who is always khusyu' in her prayers, n she wakes up for tahajjud everyday, n she never gossips, n aurat is the one thing that she's struggling with. we dont know other ppl's pasts, n even if we did, it is never enough to pass judgement, coz that will never help in dakwah.

ok i hv more to write but this is kinda getting long. so imma just make these next 2 points quick. Firstly, for those of us who feel that non-Muslims hv a free life coz they can drink alcohol n gamble n hv all the sex they want n etc, u hv freedom deeply confused with escapism. someone who is truly happy doesnt need to rely on drinks or drugs or anything else to face reality. Secondly, for those of us who hv dark pasts n hv risen above that, do not feel proud of urself that u hv dabbled in both sides (the good and the bad). yes there is the whole "those w the darkest past can have the brightest future" but that is more of to give hope to those who hv fallen into sin. our past mistakes shld humble us n remind us of how much we need a strong relationship w Allah. it shldnt make us arrogant n feel like it somehow makes us badass or anything.
ok so that's all for tonight. sorry for any mistakes that i may hv conveyed. after all's said n done, Allah knows best ~ sekian, salam

                                                                                               By: Abdullah Khumayni



Recently i came across an article entitled 20 reasons you should be thankful to your big sister or something like that

I didnt finish reading the articles because, just reading half of it suddenly i thought that, hey! why dont i just write reasons why I should be thankful to MY big sister
So, here they are

Number 1
You can count on her, anytime, seriously
Being 4 years apart according to age sometimes makes it hard for my sister to admit she is -teen going -ty. When referring to our miscellaneous younger siblings, she would say that i’m their sister, i should be responsible on them. But still, when the time comes, when you were really at the end of the road, be it about money, love, career or anything, you can always count on her to help you around.

Number 2
She is your ‘try and error’ in doing something.
It is hard to say something that never been said in your family to your parents. Like proposing to your parents about marriage....
So, all you have to do is watch and learn how she started the topic. if it doesnt work, then you would have to make a plan B. of course, this doesnt work if you want to get married before her.

Number 3
You never have to pay the all the bills.
Sometimes,my sister and i will treat the smaller people in our family to a higher grade restaurant,jjanggg!!
Of course before leaving we had already withdrawed some notes so that when the menu came we were like ordering like a king and pay like a boss. Ahah, 50-50 pay la, i pay all alone mana aci,you are the big sister maa.

Number 4
Your things are mine too,my things if you want to use them, i will have to consider first.
My clothes that were complimented on, 90% were actually hers. My things she wouldnt use, not because i will consider first, but my things just arent appealing to her -_-
Number 5
She will listen to you without judging.
I once asked my friend, who do you think i can be open up to without being judge? She gave some answers but when she mentioned, your sister?
Indeed, she is the one

Number 6
The one who knows the family jokes
On phone sometimes this dialogue happened;
Sister: wai? Lay hui pin na?
Me: wai? Lay ho ma?
Sister; mo ka cho wa lay, ngo tek lay ya
Me: lay sun tek ngo? Waihh mo ka chow wa lay
Literally means:
Sister: hello? Where are you?
Me: hello? How are you?
Sister: you are so bad, im gonna kick you
Me: you want to kick me? Wahh you are so bad

Haha, then we laughed. Okay you wouldnt get this joke, of course, it is a family joke, outsiders wouldnt understand.

Number 7
When family problems came, you both discuss as if it is a world problem. But she is the one you turn into after all.
Any family has their own ups and downs. So do mine. But i am relieved because i know i can talk to her and we will try to handle this together. You feel the burden of having to take care of the thing, but she is there too.
Dilemma for most third member of the siblings i guess.
When visiting far far away relatives, only god knows how hard for you to even look them in the eyes and say hello or something. Shy? Not sure, i think maybe  we just really dont know how to reach to the not-really-close-people, if you know what i mean.
Fortunately, she is there, starting all the conversations, asking, laughing, help in serving  etc, and me, wahh life is saved for 100 years ;)

So, what  do you think of  your big brother/sister?
They bullied you? They sure did, welcome to the younger siblings club :D
                                                                                                             By: Wan Ajeerah




Serendah-rendah ukhuwah, ialah berlapang dada dengan saudara yang lain,
Setinggi-tinggi ukhuwah ialah "itsar" terhadap saudaranya yang lain.

Apa itu itsar?

Melebihkan saudaranya, melebihi dari dirinya sendiri

Dalam peperangan Yarmouk, tentera Islam menentang tentera Rom, salah satu kuasa ketenteraan terbesar pada ketika itu. Tentera islam memerangi dan mencantas musuh-musuh Allah penuh perkasa. Allah telah membantu hamba-hambaNya yang berjuang menegakkan kalimah tuhannya dengan memberikan mereka kemenangan yang tidak disangka-sangka.

Setelah peperangan tamat, tentera Islam mengumpul askar-askar yang tercedera semasa perang. Ketika itulah, satu kisah menyayat hati terjadi. Sebuah kisah ITSAR.

Dalam kalangan syuhada Islam yang terbaring, tiga orang sahabat berada dalam keadaan tenat dan kehausan. Bayangkan lah kehausan yang dialami seorang tentera yang perkasa dalam medannya. Sesungguhnya, air sejuk yang nyaman sahajalah yang berligar didalam kepalanya. Sedangkan kita, didalam cuaca dibawah satu selsius juga boleh men-trigger thirst centre pada brainstem, apatah lagi seorang tentera perkasa, yang merempuh barisan pertahanan musuh.

Seorang al-Harith bin Hisyam, askar perkasa yang disaluti keyakinan. Yang kedua Ayyas bin Abi Rabi'ah, seprang lelaki yang cintakan kematian dijalan Tuhannya. Dan yang ketiga Ikrimah anak kepada Abu Jahal, seorang bangsawan penuh kekayaan namun kecintaannya kepada dakwah, menjadikan dia sanggup membelakangi semua kesedapan duniawi. TIGA sahabat ini, terbaring diantara tentera tentera yang tercedera. Nyawa dihujung tanduk, kematian bakal menjemput mereka ke alam barzakh.

Tika inilah al-Harith didatangi pembawa air sedangkan minum adalah perkara yang paling diperlukan oleh beliau. Tiba-tiba, dia terlihat Ikrimah dalam keadaan yang parah, tenat dan kehausan. Lalu al-Harith meminta agar pembawa air memberikan air kepada Ikrimah. Tatkala Ikrimah meletakkan hujung bibir nya untuk menghirup air nyaman itu, matanya terlihat Ayyash menatapnya dengan pandangan dahaga. Matanya penuh pengharapan agar air itu mengalir didalam tengkuknya. Lalu Ikrimah meminta sang pembawa air memeberikan air tersebut kepada Ayyash. Tika mana air tersebut sampai kepada Ayyash, beliau telah syahid dijemput ilahi ke sorgaNya. Maka pembawa air tersebut bergegas menuju dua sahabat sebelumnya...... Namun, al-Harith dan Ikrimah juga telah syahid.

Dalam riwayat lain mengatakan : sbenarnya Ikrimah benar-benar ingin minum air tersebut, ketika mana air hampir-hampir membasahi tekaknya dia melihat kearah Suhail dan mereka saling berpandangan. Maka Ikrimah berkata : berilah air ini kepada Suhail, mungkin dia lebih merlukannya. Suhail melemparkan pandangannya kepada Harith. Begitu Harith membalas pandangan Suhail. Lalu Suhail berkata : berilah air minum ini kepada siapa sahaja sahabat aku. Barangkali mereka lebih memerlukannya daripada aku.

Ternyata ukhuwwah yang terjalin atas dasar لا-اله-الا-الله ini sangat teguh san saling mencintai. Begitu kisah menyentuh kalbu, hasil tuai ukhuwwah yang mendalam. Semoga kita juga begitu.





"Sahabat yang beriman ibarat mentari menyinari, Sahabat yang setia bagai pewangi mengharumkan, Sahabat sejati menjadi pendorong impian, Sahabat berhati mulia membawa kita ke jalan Allah"

              Pada 21 Disember yang lalu, Biro Rohani iaitu Maisarah Ali telah mengadakan 'gathering akhowat' DOMERs. 

              Program ini bertujuan mengeratkan ukhwah diantara kami dan berkongsi pengalaman pahit manis dalam kehidupan.

Semoga Allah Redha.



20th DECEMBER 2014

"A cat has absolute emotional honesty :  human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings but a cat does not"

          Pada 20 December 2014, Biro Aktiviti dan Ukhwah iaitu Izzat Zaid dan juga Nurhidayatul Firdaus bt Mohd Saat atau lebih dikenali dengan daus telah menjayakan satu program Cat Exhibiton untuk Domers yang julung-julung kali diadakan. 

        Tujuan Cat Exhibiton ini diadakan bagi menambah pengetahuan tentang penjagaan, rawatan, aksesori, kesihatan, dan Fiqh mengenai kucing. Program ini mendapat sambutan yang sangat mengalakkan dari kalangan ahli Dome sendiri. Terima kasih kepada semua pihak yang terlibat. 

TARIKH : 20 Disember 2014
MASA : 1200-1500 h

                                             (From the left : Aina, Fiza, Ezza, FIA)

                                                            This is Musang !



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